Pipe coating

Best possible protection for your steel pipes

Coating steel pipes protects them from a number of different influences, guarantees extreme durability and makes sense for a whole range of design reasons. The experts at Flender are glad to take on this task for you. Simply get in touch!

Protective coatings

Effective protection against corrosion has been the gold standard in underground steel pipes for decades. Our polyethylene coating in several different densities, from LDPE to HDPE, and in a range of coating thicknesses provide the perfect solution to this end. Whether according to the standard or in custom special designs, single, double, or with extra fibre cement coating – we develop and produce the right protective coating for your steel pipe.


Another solution in the fight against corrosion of steel pipes is hot dip galvanizing or electrolytic galvanizing. We adhere to the relevant norms for pipe lengths up to 12 m and collaborate with various galvanising shops in this department so that we can provide our customers with short delivery times and optimum service.

Powder coatings

A special type of coating is particularly advisable for pipes in the field of view. Electrostatically-applied powder coatings in RAL colours offer high quality protection, are extremely strong and especially visually attractive thanks to their shiny appearance.

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