Piecework splitting

Flexible, fast and effective

Equipped with a highly modern coil-slitting line, we can offer to cut your primary steel material from hot roll or cold roll at the desired width and perfectly prepare the edges of the band for the post-processing procedure that you require.

Piecework splitting on our system takes place with continuous wall-thickness tests using a built-in laser measuring system. Reap the benefits of our independent expert know-how and a high degree of flexibility throughout the entire process, which enables us to provide a tailor-made result in a short space of time.

Coil width up to 1800 mm
Split strip width 60mm – 1750mm
Coil weight up to 31 tonnes
Wall thickness range 1,5 – 8,0 mm
Production speed max. 450 m/min.
Quality range Auf Anfrage

If you have a specific enquiry, please contact us:

Mrs. Karin Schmidt
Phone: +49 271 / 33 05 – 140
Fax: +49 271 / 33 05 – 119
E-Mail: schmidt(at)flender-rohr.de

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