Always on the hunt for innovations

Standing still is a step in the wrong direction. We don't sit back and make ourselves comfortable in prosperous times, but constantly remain curious in the hunt for new knowledge and ways that we can put this to use. We keep our eyes on new technologies, procedures, services and markets. Since it is only possible to progress successfully by looking at the bigger picture, beyond the borders of your own country. We go about this in close collaboration with our customers, constantly analyse and optimise existing processes and develop new products based on requirements. Steel pipes may be our forte, but curiosity drives to constantly find ways to improve in the field of materials, production, service and logistics.

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Dear visitor to this website,

the Rudolf Flender Rohr GmbH pipe production in Siegen was permanently closed on December 31, 2020. The production is closed and all supplies and machines have been sold. We ask you to pay attention to this!

To preserve, remember and honor the work of all employees who have written a total of 110 years of company history, this website remains online, even if no more products are offered for sale.

To contact us, please dial +49 (271) 3305-0 or email:

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