Our passion

Complete customer focus is the most important factor for our success

As a competent provider with years of experience, Flender offers you a wide range of round tube, profile, special profile and precision steel pipes for a wide range of constructive or media-carrying applications. However, we do not simply see ourselves as steel manufacturers, but also as innovative product developers and reliable service partners for our customers.

One question is at the heart of everything that we do: "How can we provide your company with even more added-value, support your processes and increase your profitability?" High-quality premium products form the basis of this, but excellent service and customer-specific solutions are another guarantee of shared success.

It is our goal to always find the perfect balance between demand and advantage. We already start to optimise our products and procedures in the manufacturing stage, so that they can be seamlessly integrated into our processes. The result is holistic solution, which guarantees you have the highest level of security, suitability and individuality. Flender can help you find new ways to solid solutions that constantly propel you forwards.

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Dear visitor to this website,

the Rudolf Flender Rohr GmbH pipe production in Siegen was permanently closed on December 31, 2020. The production is closed and all supplies and machines have been sold. We ask you to pay attention to this!

To preserve, remember and honor the work of all employees who have written a total of 110 years of company history, this website remains online, even if no more products are offered for sale.

To contact us, please dial +49 (271) 3305-0 or email: info@flender-rohr.de.

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