Flender – innovation and tradition from Siegen

Over 100 years of steel production

Here in Siegerland, we say 'Gon Dach' instead of hello, and that is how we would like to welcome you to the heart of Europe, one of the strongest industrial regions in Germany, and one that is steeped in history. When our forebear, Rudolf Flender founded his operation in Siegen in 1910 with the production of sheet metal goods for industry and agriculture, he surely could not have guessed that he was laying the foundations for an internationally successful company. Today, Flender stands for high quality premium products and excellent service.

We provide you with a variety of round tube, profile, special profile and precision pipes for a wide range of constructive or media-carrying applications. We also process tailor-made solutions for individual requirements to meet your needs. Because it is our goal to increase efficiency so that we can support your processes and boost your profitability.

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Dear visitor to this website,

the Rudolf Flender Rohr GmbH pipe production in Siegen was permanently closed on December 31, 2020. The production is closed and all supplies and machines have been sold. We ask you to pay attention to this!

To preserve, remember and honor the work of all employees who have written a total of 110 years of company history, this website remains online, even if no more products are offered for sale.

To contact us, please dial +49 (271) 3305-0 or email: info@flender-rohr.de.

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