Materials handling

Materials handling

Precision steel pipes are the pipes of choice used in materials handling. Manufacturing these requires special competence, since the applicable guidelines demand extremely low tolerances and maximum quality.

Flender manufactures precision steel pipes that exhibit maximum precision on their internal and external diameters, which can only be achieved thanks to the consistent thickness of their walls throughout. As a result of their slight ovality and exact straightness, our precision steel pipes also exhibit a particularly high level of true-running accuracy.

All of this means that we create the best conditions for the smooth operation and operational safety of your systems. Our precision steel pipes tend to be used to make support rollers and conveyor belt rollers for the construction of belt conveyors and roller tracks. However, our high-end products are also perfectly suited to the constructive aspect of furniture, shop and façade fitting.

Flender support roller pipes – your advantages:

  • High precision external and internal diameters
  • Exceptionally consistent wall-thickness
  • Very low ovality and exact straightness
  • Exact true-running accuracy
  • Sophisticated surfaces

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