If we don't already know what you need, we will after asking a few questions

We set ourselves the target of understanding our customers and optimising their processes. That means: We accompany you from day one and ask you what wishes you have. We then go on to develop the piping solutions that meet your requirements exactly. This means that over the course of time, several new procedures and innovative systems emerge, which provide more efficiency for your company. That is why we have founded our own 'Innovation' department.

Here at Flender, we also know what the vast majority of our customers require. Since we know the current process operations and have more than 100 years of application experience to call upon, our steel pipe experts can offer you product advice and recommend the solution that is perfect for your needs.

Furthermore, we support you along the whole length of the process chain and with our know-how, can tell you what is feasible and what is simply difficult to realise. However, an active exchange allows us to perform certain modifications in order to develop tailor-made solutions, which are precisely calibrated to your requirements – from media-carrying steel pipes through to supporting profile pipes.

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