Flender pipe solutions

Steel pipes and steel sections of the highest precision

Rudolf Flender Rohr GmbH provides you with innovative, premium quality steel pipe solutions in a versatile and efficient manner. Founded in 1910, we currently manufacture HFI longitudinally welded steel pipes for a wide range of applications using five modern pipe welding lines at our factory site in Siegen, Germany.

Our product range includes both round tube pipes and precision pipes of tried-and-tested carbon steel quality, as well as standard profiles and special profiles made from carbon steel and ferritic stainless steel goods. One of our special products is the Flender-Flex-Tubing® pipe from the roll (coiled tubing). Depending on the diameter of the pipe, at our facility we are able to wind between 2,000 and 4,500 metres of continuous steel piping onto a coil and test it with water pressure so that the individual sections of pipe do not have to be welded together.

As part of the factory’s internal production process, we are also able to apply an external coating to the steel pipes on demand, using a plastic casing made from either polyethylene or polypropylene. Depending on the requirements, we can also seal line pipes for gas with an internal lining of Portland cement or blast furnace cement and also provide an external fibre cement coating.
Our spectrum of services is rounded out with a wide a range of processing options. Simply get in touch!

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Dear visitor to this website,

the Rudolf Flender Rohr GmbH pipe production in Siegen was permanently closed on December 31, 2020. The production is closed and all supplies and machines have been sold. We ask you to pay attention to this!

To preserve, remember and honor the work of all employees who have written a total of 110 years of company history, this website remains online, even if no more products are offered for sale.

To contact us, please dial +49 (271) 3305-0 or email: info@flender-rohr.de.

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